During the last two years, 047 have been working on their new album, that has been given the name "&". The name can be derived from the fact that it solely consists of collaborations with other artists and bands. The album combines 047's electronic soundscape with the 10 different guest's individual styles, which results in a uniform sound, even though there is also a broad spread in genres throughout the album.

The guests on "&" are:

Cajsa Siik, Charlee, Zebastian Swartz, Linn Öberg, Raindear, Christian Kjellvander, Martine Marbel, Marit Lissdaniels, Maj Monet and Einar Stavfeldt.

"&" is released by  Killing Music, that has been working with 047 since 2005. It is mixed by Niklas Berglöf (Redmount Studios), mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Redmount Studios) and the artwork has been created by Joakim Bergkvist.

The release of the album was celebrated with a bang in Gothenburg at Foajébaren on March 11, and it was filmed by Vingaland and can be watched here!